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    [...] The Quest for Feminine Identity (Part II) – Welcome to www … [...]

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    This is very interesting. For many years I had an almost contemptuous attitude towards femininity and it is only in recent years that I have realized that this has been one of the reasons for my problems with depression.

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    My words for Msgr. Burke are simple; good job!

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    Msgr. Burke is the very type of man that should be consecrated a bishop!

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    The quest for feminine identity does not involve wearing pants, no matter how feminized! All it does is make them unsuitable for males to wear!

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    Despite the fact that she was maligned by “serious”(for lack of a better term) feminists, Helen Gurley Brown was treated like hot stuff(and wrongly so)! This is NOT a piece of praise for the Gloria Steinems and Betty Friedans of the world; it’s just that both the “serious” and “good time girl”(for lack of a better term) feminists are both wrong, if how is the issue! If what I read about her in her “Los Angeles Times” obituary means much, Helen Gurley Brown could pass for Hugh Hefner in a skirt(in fact, I read she had nude males in “Cosmopolitan” from 1972, three years before my birth, until the 1990′s). The difference between her and “Hef” is she was married to only one man until he passed away and there was no “Cosmo Mansion”. However, some of the same people who treated Brown like hot stuff would have chewed males out for similar, or lesser matters. Also, wrong is wrong, and it’s of no concern if who’s acting wrong is male or female, and treating males like sex objects, which Helen Gurley Brown was not hesitant to do, does NOT empower females. This woman was a bad influence on society, and she even mocked modestly dressed females for wearing below the knee skirts and dresses, and she’s treated like a HERO for females?! What are we coming to?!

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