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    [...] had heard a sermon on EWTN on that subject about the same time, but could not find it on Youtube.  Colleen Hammond has done that work for me.  Thanks [...]

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    Great Sermon! I can’t wait to email this around.

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    Modesty yes, appropriate dress yes. But a skirt a bit above the knee and short sleeve shirt?
    You talk about the lady who dresses like a prostitue going to Communion? Would Jesus do that? Come on one doesn’t need to be a priest to know what’s right and wrong here.
    Perhaps preists should be allowed to marry.

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      Jeanmarie, I listened to the entire clip, and he never condemns short sleeve shirts. He condemns sleeveless shirts, which I completely understand. I also agree with him about the knee being the cut-off point; if not the knees, where is it? A “bit” above the knee? Where does it stop? Who defines “bit?” We teach children objective standards for lying, stealing, cheating, and hitting; I really appreciated his objective standard of “skirts to the knees, at least some kind of sleeve.” I think these are fabulous rules, and I just wish that they were enforced in every parish! Just think how much easier it would be for men to worship at Mass if they weren’t distracted by immodest dress!!!

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        Elizabeth, I too wish modesty rules were enforced in our churches(and not just in church, but on church property as well); 2 years ago, I saw a picture of mourners in Manila’s cathedral after the death of Corazon Aquino, and despite the fact that 2 years earlier the archbishop banned pants and shorts on females in that see’s churches, many gals were wearing pants! People need to wise up!

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    If only our priests would make it a habit to inform the parish of simple things like modest dress and appropriate behavior at Mass. I would be so grateful.

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      Lisa, tell it like it is! You hit the nail on the head! If modesty is talked about, only the, for lack of a better term, “safe” topics are discussed(that is, no microminis, no low-waisted pants, et al). They never say cover heads in churches, no pants, et al.

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    It was 7 years ago last month when I, watching “The Journey Home” when I first heard of Colleen and the book “Dressing with Dignity”. I was impressed to the point where I decided that was a book I had to have. In December of the following year, a friend gave me a copy. It’s a book that ought to be required reading for all.

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    I hope EWTN’s Father Dominc Mary has gotten to the point where he sees pants on females for what they are; a violation of God’s Word!

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