14 Feb 2011

SALE! “Irregular” Mini-Kneeler Price Reduction

Mini-Kneeler: Sale Price $30 + S&H


This Mini-Kneeler is fully functional and looks just fine (see it in the photo to the right). But after we attached the pad, one (1) of the screw heads sheared off! (See photo below, right.)

Bottom screw head sheared off

The screw bit into the wood, but it just looks silly. But then again, it’s on the bottom so who will see it?!? :-)

Sale price is $30 + S&H in AS IS condition and non-returnable.

It’s the same high quality red oak. It has the same comfortable dense pad. But the price is reduced due to slight damage. (FYI, the regular price of all Mini-Kneelers will increase March 1st, 2011!)

Make sure everyone in the family can focus on their prayers and not on their knees. These custom built, high quality, hand-crafted Mini-Kneelers are priced perfectly so the entire family can grow in holiness! These Mini-Kneelers store away quickly and easily under the bed–and ship quickly, too!

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