25 responses to “Our Son’s New Prayer Kneeler/Prie Dieu is For Sale”

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    I would like to order the Gothic one but I cannot do it on the PC. Can I have your phone number to call you and place the order? Thank you. In Maria, Beverly

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    These are truly amazing!!!! Your son is very talented.

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    Would you ship a basic kneeler to Calgary, Alberta, Canada?

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    I am interested in a prie dieu for my son as a Christmas gift. I needed to know the dimensions of the kneeler part, mostly how deep it was. He is a large man and needs a kneeler of about 8 inches deep atleast. Could you give me those dimensions please?

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    hello there….husband just told me tonight he would like a kneeler for Christmas. was interested in Gothic kneeler~~beautfiful work. What are the stain options as i would be interested in a dark stain. Also, i love the fabric colour shown but out of curiosity what other colours??? if i placed an order, around what day would it possibly arrive???? thanks so much for your help!!! Suzanne G.

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    ps…i am in texas also if that makes a shipping difference….thanks!!

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    plus, he specifically said he wanted a cross or other religios motif on it….

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    FYI…prices increase March 1st!

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    Hi Colleen;
    I’m a still photographer looking for a kneeler to use for communion photos with young children ages 7 or 8. Are the kneelers I see appropriate or are they sized for adults ?

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    I have a question.. what is the present price of your prayer kneelers..do you still have the standard kneelers?.. do you ship to canada?

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    How much would it cost to ship to DC?

    Thank you!


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    burgundy colored pad, please.



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