25 Oct 2011

Novena for El Paso, Texas

Christ the King

The parishioners of San Juan Bautista in El Paso, Texas used to have Fr Michael Rodriguez as their pastor, but the Bishop moved Father 250 miles away and they no longer have the Traditional Latin Mass.

They’ve asked that we join them in this “Novena to Christ the King” which starts tomorrow. Here’s their note:

Today is Day 9 of our Novena to St. Francis. Tomorrow we begin praying the Novena to Christ the King (attached). We humbly ask that you join us in this prayer for the restoration of a traditional Catholic parish life in El Paso.

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5 responses to “Novena for El Paso, Texas”

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    RE: Fr Michael Rodriguez

    I’m sorry but I take another view.

    PTL that the parish in Shaftner has finally had their decades of prayers answered by the placement of Fr Rodriguez into a parish that never removed her pre Vatican II decor.

    What is happening with the Church? All of a sudden we are fighting among ourselves…how happy that makes Satan.

    I’ll pray that El Paso’s Bishop extends an invitation to Christ the King Institute for a priest for the San Juan Baptista parish.

    That is not to say we do not continue to be vigilant we must for the Church in America. May we all learn to work together as we repair what is wrong.

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    I was under the impression there are three parishes out there that are being serviced with one of them designated for the traditional mass. Perhaps I got it wrong. Will have to go back and look.

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      I just did a quick search by the looks of things they need two priests as they cover a wide area that includes 7 parishes. Here’s the link

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    Bishop Ochoa is one of the worst prelates in the country, and his treatment of Father Rodriguez proves it.

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