2 responses to “Nancy Pelosi’s Galling, Hypocritical Religious Opportunism”

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    If what I know about her means much, Nancy Pelosi is a lot like too many of our “Spirit of Vatican II”-type prelates. The difference between them and her is many of them will be retiring soon, while she has to be voted out of office, and the only way that’s going to happen is, since she represents such a left-leaning U.S. House district that a Democrat is garaunteed his/her seat if (s)he wins the primaries, if she faces opposition in the primaries, AND loses.

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    With the Holy Father naming Bishop Salvatore Cordileone as San Francisco Archbishop, Nancy Pelosi may find herself denied Communion if she goes to receive the Eucharist; he has a well-deserved reputation for standing up for Catholic Church teaching when it comes to homosexuals, the right-to-life, and marriage, something that can’t be said about most of his recent predicessors.

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