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    Taking a moral stance, especially in a calm, rational manner is neither hate nor prejudice. What’s next, book burnings or a Gulag? Also hit and run is the work of a coward! Anyone has the right to face accusers as has been recognized as long ago as ancient Rome.

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    If they truly felt that it was inappropriate for him to share his personal views, why not reprimand him rather than fire him? It will be very interesting to see how the end of this story comes out. I’m afraid we’re only going to be seeing more and more stories like this in the future. Universities are becoming more and more notorious for ensuring thought police see to it that everyone on their faculty tow the liberal party line.

    My husband, who is pursuing a career as an art historian, is trying his best to scrub the internet clear of all indications of his political and religious beliefs until he actually lands a professorship. This inclination was confirmed by a fellow Catholic on the staff at the university where he is completing his degree who strongly admonished him NOT to let anyone know he’s politically conservative because he will automatically be blackballed.

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    [...] Hate Speech? U. of IL Professor FIRED Over Catholic Beliefs [...]

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    That is the teaching of the Catholic Churh, Dr. Howell from what I understand articulated the teaching per the Catholic Church’s teaching, I am in agreement with the
    Church’s Teaching and I will help Dr. Howell thru the Alliance Defense Fund to the extent that I can. Also, University of Illinois, do not bother sending me any Fund

    Miguel Garcia

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    Any person with a pulse, whether he/she is a news watcher or not, has heard the near-daily assault in the press on bullying. If what I’ve noticed means anything, they seem to only talk about bullying when homosexuals are at the receiving end of the alleged treatment. Bullies have been around forever and done their thing regardless of “this, that, or the other”, yet no one gave even minor press coverage. What I think is going on is the press wants to put homosexuals in a positive light, and make non-homosexuals look bad.

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    Ken Howell, from what I read, was fired for doing what he was supposed to do. This is like firing a rehab counselor for sobriety and punishing a child for good behavior.

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