24 Oct 2011

Cut Off the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

CCHD is corrupt and needs to be cut off. After being exposed last year, the CCHD promised to stop funding these groups. Instead, the CCHD is now sponsoring MORE organizations that promote abortion, birth control and same-sex marriage.

Some people are calling for “reform”, but at this point it seems better to scuttle the entire thing and start from scratch. 

Read the full report here. A summary is below.

This report was personally delivered on April 5, 2011 to CCHD at a meeting with the Director of CCHD, and the Executive Director of the Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development. Subsequent meetings and communications regarding the findings continue.

Click here to download the full report.



For a number of years, there has been concern with the grants that CCHD distributes. There have been specific complaints that a significant portion of the grants have been given to organizations working in direct contradiction to Church teaching.

In 2009, American Life League joined with several other concerned organizations to form the Reform CCHD Now Coalition. In March of 2010, the coalition sent a report on CCHD to each bishop, showing that, in 2009–2010, 51 out of 237 groups receiving CCHD funding either directly or through coalition membership promoted abortion, birth control, homosexuality, and/or Marxism. Thus, 21% of the groups funded by CCHD were involved in such work.

As a result of this activity, CCHD conducted an internal effort to revamp its grant process and ensure that all grantees adhered to strict guidelines. The results were published in a CCHD Renewal Document.

2010–2011 Grantees

In January, 2011, CCHD published its list of 2010-2011 grantees. At that time, American Life League reviewed the list and was disappointed to see that many of the offending organizations were still on the list and, in fact, others have been added.

The attached report documents that, of the 218 organizations funded by CCHD, 14 are directly involved in activities contrary to Church teaching and 40 are actively involved in coalitions with such activities. Thus, 54 groups (24%) funded by CCHD are involved in anti-Catholic work.

The number, and percentage, of offending organizations has actually INCREASED in the last year —from 51 to 54 groups and from 21% to 24%.

These 54 organizations received a total of $1,863,000 of the $7,608,000 distributed in CCHD grants in 2010-2011.

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5 responses to “Cut Off the Catholic Campaign for Human Development”

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    So why doesn’t the USCCB repudiate CCHD? This makes a mockery of the attempt that Archbishop Timothy Dolan made to persuade Governor Cuomo not to have signed gay marriage into law. The governor knew what was going on. CCHD is donating to organizations promoting sexual filth, and Catholic politicians remained unpunished for their support of the same. Abp. Dolan’s protestations were so much vapor on the wind.

    I will not donate one red cent to anything Catholic in this country until this mess is cleared up.

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    Veni celeriter, Domine Deus! Maranatha!

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    The CCHD is a good example of “Catholics” who will bow down to what is rightfully referred to as the “Social Gospel”. Yes, cut off funding, and pronto!

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    If what I’ve read in this article means anything, some people will use the poor as excuse to coddle abortion, sodomy, birth control, etc. Needless to say, some of these same people will lose it over Latin Mass, dress, etc.(as if concern for those less fortunate is, or even has to be, exclusive to sound liturgy, modest dress, traditional marraige, the right to life, etc).

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