18 Oct 2011

Change that Catholics Can Believe In

H/T to Fr Eddie Dwyer of Saginaw, MI

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2 responses to “Change that Catholics Can Believe In”

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    Recently, a friend of mine sent me in the mail a copy of a book that, after reading the preface, I realized was a book that ought to be required reading for every Catholic. He wrote it himself. His name is David Martin, and he lives in Los Angeles. His book is titled “Vatican II, A Historic Turning Point”. It is published by Author House. Copies can be attained at either of the following websites; http://www.AuthorHouse.com and http://www.smwa.org.

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    Until 2002, I had no idea the only men that could be ordained deacons were men on their way into the priesthood(of course, what’s to be expected with the “Spirit of Vatican II as prevelant as it’s been since before my birth, and I was born in 1975? The fact that many deacons are married is part of the problem). Are there any sees in which men have to enter the priesthood in order to be ordained deacons? If so, where? Also, good for the prelates that will ONLY ordain celibate men who are training to become priests as deacons!

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