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    I have a list on my blog, amazingly I don’t think any of them are on your list! http://sanctussimplicitus.blogspot.com/2010/06/catholic-life-in-cinema.html

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    Well, I guess there are a few of yours on my list… I jumped the gun on that before I read through it well!

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    Hello Colleen!
    Check this site out: http://www.faithandfamilyflix.com/default.php
    It is called Fath and Family Flix. Movies for the family… many Catholic films too. It’s basic rate is $9.99/month for one at a time which would be about one every five or six days or so. So maybe four to six a month. They also have a review program (Protestant, I think) called the Dove program for many of the movies.

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    That’s a great list! I’ve seen several of these through Netflix so far, but you have caused me to add quite a few more to my queue. Thanks for the recommendations!

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    Unfortunately, even when you watch a number of the great Catholic films Netflix offers, they are unable to suggest a wide range of other Catholic films because there is no ‘Catholic’ subsection under their ‘Faith & Spirituality’ genre. Please encourage your fans to take a minute to call Netflix at 866-716-0414 to suggest that they add a Catholic subsection, just like they have for Jewish films.

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    Hello Colleen. My name is David Britt. My wife and I own http://www.piusmedia.com. It is a Catholic version of Netflix. We, too, were members of Netflix but struggled with the immoral content. The movies mentioned in this thread can be found on Piusmedia. In addition to Ignatius Press, we carry EWTN, St. Joseph’s Communications, and Catholic-friendly Hollywood movies. Please check us out! If you decide to join, use code BVM1 to get 50% off your first month.

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