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    Great!!! Thank you. I will share this…learned a LOT!

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    If any woman wants to “dress with dignity” for work, I know one company she should avoid like the plague; “Sephora”. Females who work at Sephora are REQIRED to wear pants to work. That’s required, not merely allowed. If there are other companies that require female employees to abstain from wearing skirts and dresses to work, I’d like to know. The females should also NOT work for those companies as well.

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      Colleen, I have some much-needed, and long overdue, good news; Sephora, that bastion of not letting females wear skirts and dresses on the job, has ended its pants-only rules for females(yesterday, I was at their Hollywood store and noticed females on the payroll in dresses! I will find out what prompted a change of heart and let you know about it). Now if other employers that ban skirts and dresses on female employees would follow suit.

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    As some people may(not) know, 17 years ago last month, California’s then-governor, Pete Wilson, passed what is known as the “Pants Bill”. It requires employers to allow females to wear pants to work. It is a feminist dream come true, but a nightmare for decent people.

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    Another place gals who want to dress with dignity for work may have to avoid(or at least tread carefully going to) is Swarovski(at least select stores); when a female acquaintance who works at Los Angeles’ store in the shopping center known as “The Grove” wore pants one day, she said(on the heels of me suggesting she could’ve worn a long skirt) said they would’nt let her BECAUSE they’re in style; simply put, if it’s unpopular(or at least “not trendy”), it’s allowed. While in style does not always mean morally right, that does’nt mean in style means the opposite extreme either.

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    Two other companies gals should not work for if they want to “dress with dignity” are Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. They have dress codes that all but REQUIRE gals to wear pants, shorts, and too-short skirts and dresses, if gals are even ALLOWED to wear skirts and dresses.

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    As much as some females say they they want to be their “own person”, they certainly don’t mind being “in with the ‘In’ Crowd” if it means wearing pants is what the “In” crowd does.

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    I never thought about it until a few seconds ago, but this and “Wear a Skirt To Make a Good Impression” go well together.

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    Recently, I lent a friend of mine, who also happens to be Catholic, “Dressing with Dignity”. Though she has not finished reading the book, she seems grateful she’s gotten a chance to read it. She works at Popeye’s, which means even females are REQUIRED to wear pants to work(in fact, most fast food restaurants require females to wear pants as part of the uniform. This is so disgusting if someone decides she wants to challenge the “pants only” rules, she has my moral support all the way)! In fact, if my friend, after she finishes “Dressing with Dignity” decides she wants to convince Popeye’s “powers-that-be” to let her, and other females, to wear skirts with their uniforms, good for them(let’s also hope such action will result in an industry-wide avalanche; few working females are as likely to be required to wear pants to work as fast-food waitresses, and yet California, where I live, requires employers to allow females to wear pants. No wonder businesses don’t want to work in California)!

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      Colleen, my friend that works at Popeye’s just finished “Dressing with Dignity” Friday. She loved it, and she has resolved to wear more skirts and dresses when not at work. That said, I hope somebody gets it in her head to challenge the “pants only” rules at most fast food places. You may find this odd, but I have a movie idea; it’s about a gal working at a fast food eatery who decides to challenge her employer’s “pants only” rules(on her own time, she avoids pants like the plague). I don’t want to give too much away, however.

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    Mercedes, I don’t know what state you live in, but I live in California, where thanks to our then-governor Pete Wilson, employeers are REQUIRED to allow female employees to wear pants to work, so my state’s situation is beyond relaxing a dress code; it’s government telling employers how to run their affairs!

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    In 1994, the first female to show up on the U.S. Congressional floor in pants was Susan Molinari(R-NY). You would think a Democrat or a liberal would be first to do something so stupid, but it was a Republican(she did not hesitate to take liberals to task where she found them wanting). She was a moderate whose House district included Queens(she dressed like a king, no pun intended, on the House floor). Of course, that same year, another REPUBLICAN(catering to the Right this time), California Governor Pete Wilson, passed a bill(known as the “Pants Bill”), REQUIRING employers to allow females to wear pants to work. The irony is, that was a year when so much as pretense of appealing to the Left was political suicide for anyone who ran for office, and “get the government out our lives” sentiment had seldom been greater.

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