28 Jun 2011

Balthasar Devotee Cardinal Scola Appointed Archbishop of Milan

Cardinal Angelo Scola, 69, has served as Patriarch of Venice since 2002. (CNS file photo from Catholic Press Photo)

Scola moves from being Venice patriarch to Milan, many of whom go on to become Pope–thus the elevated interest in this new appointment!

He is close to Benedict XVI in his thinking, having been heavily influenced by the theologians Hans Urs von Balthasar and Henri de Lubac. Together with Joseph Ratzinger, he helped found the international theological periodical “Communio”, and is also closely associated with the Communion and Liberation movement, long esteemed by the Pope.

Pius IV, Pius XI and Paul VI led the archdiocese for the Milanese – the largest metropolitan diocese in Italy – while Pius X, John XXIII and John Paul I all shepherded the Venetians.

To have been in charge of both Sees, as Cardinal Scola will have been, might therefore make him a shoo-in for the See of Peter. But that, of course, as always depends on the Holy Spirit.

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