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    So sad that people just don’t care what they look like—their bodies or their souls. How many are in line for Confession these days, too? Thank you for posting this. I hope more people will AT LEAST dress with dignity in the Lord’s House.

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    Thanks for sharing this, Colleen. When I finally found my home parish, Our Lady of Peace Church & Shrine in Santa Clara, CA, I noticed many men in suits (or at least ties) and women in dresses, skirts, and veils. We have perpetual adoration at OLOP, and the overall culture of our parish is highly reverent. Plus, as our young adult group is in the middle of reading Dr. Scott Hahn’s “Lamb’s Supper,” it’s tough to not wear a tie to Divine Liturgy when you really know and believe what you’re experiencing.

    I went to dinner last night after Divine Liturgy with a few friends who hadn’t seen me in a while. They asked, “Do you always wear a tie to Church?” I told them I had been lately. “What’s her name (wink)?” they asked. I responded, “Mary, our Blessed Mother.” :)

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    When we go to church, it really is important to wear the appropriate dress code. For example, if you were a choir member, you should wear the right choir uniform. As we will be going to church, we should be presentable and neat to show our respect before God.

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    “Although the veils were once required for women, the 1917 Code of Canon Law was abrogated and the current code is silent on any requirement.”

    This is not what I understood to be the case. Abrogated means to repeal, abolish or nullify. This did not happen in the Code of Canon Law of 1917. In fact, I read that it was mentioned in that document as being a continuing practice. The 1983 Code of Canon Law however did not mention the practice at all. If veiling had been nullified it would have had to be stated in the Canon of that time. That’s what I understood, anyway.

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    While much of what I read I agree with, one thing I disagree with is speaking as if it’s okay for females to wear pants to Church. Females have no business wearing pants ON THEIR OWN TIME(it violates Dt.22:5), let alone in a church! It’s like trying to justify a man wearing feminine garb to church.

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