The “Hook-Up” Culture on Catholic Campuses: A Review of the Literature
29 Jun 2011

The “Hook-Up” Culture on Catholic Campuses: A Review of the Literature

Findings revealed that for both females and males, church attendance was negatively related to some forms of hooking-up behaviors (the more frequent the church attendance, the less frequent the hooking-up behavior), but religious feeling was only significant in reducing hooking-up behavior for males. For females, the emotional attachment to religion had little impact on their decision to participate in hooking-up behaviors. more
The Father's Role in his Daughter's Courtship
09 Nov 2010

The Father’s Role in his Daughter’s Courtship

Since this conversation with my father-in-law, I have thought often about the power and the purpose of the Old Spaniard’s question and how it forced my father-in-law to be publicly accountable for his intentions. The Old Spaniard wanted to make sure early that my father-in-law didn’t think that his daughter was an “amusement park” and he had a free ticket to ride. Nope, there were not going to be any “unintended consequences” because admission to his daughter’s heart came with a specific price the needed to be paid in advance. Sadly, today too many fathers aren’t “Old Spaniards” and I believe that their daughters and their sons are worse off for it. more
Today's "Online Dating": What about Privacy?
06 Oct 2010

Today’s “Online Dating”: What about Privacy?

When dating, people – especially women, can get concerned about preserving their sense of privacy. Boundaries are important. What if someone turns out to be a pest? more
Engaged couples fight divorce rates
11 Aug 2010

Engaged couples fight divorce rates

To quote my great-uncle, who had been married for 67 years when his wife died, “Marriage is a sacrament for a reason…we need the grace!”

Grace. Unflinching commitment. The attitude, “No matter what, we will not divorce.” That’s what it takes.

Sure, there will be tough rows-to-hoe in a marriage. But the fact that couples committed to it no matter what (abuse is another story) saves our marriages every time.

So this program to help strengthen communication skills before marriage is admirable. But I suggest reading this series on marriage and courtship first! more
The End of Courtship, Part 3
10 Aug 2010

The End of Courtship, Part 3

A revolution is needed! The demise of courtship and dating rest on serious and destructive errors regarding the human condition: errors about the meaning of human sexuality, errors about the nature of marriage, errors about what constitutes a fully human life…. more