Cardinal Peter Turkson, head of the Vatican’s Justice and Peace department
24 Oct 2011

Pontifical Council Calls for “central world bank”!?

Asked at a news conference if the document could become a manifesto for the movement of the “indignant ones”, who have criticised global economic policies, Cardinal Peter Turkson, head of the Vatican’s Justice and Peace department, said: “The people on Wall Street need to sit down and go through a process of discernment and see whether their role managing the finances of the world is actually serving the interests of humanity and the common good. “We are calling for all these bodies and organisations to sit down and do a little bit of re-thinking.” more
Vatican Clarifies Pope's Condom Stance
22 Nov 2010

Vatican Clarifies Pope’s Condom Stance

The Pope again makes it clear that his intention was not to take up a position on the problem of condoms in general; his aim, rather was to reaffirm with force that the problem of AIDS cannot be solved simply by distributing condoms, because much more needs to be done: prevention, education, help, advice, accompaniment, both to prevent people from falling ill and to help them if they do. more
Pope Calls on Couples to Show the Beauty of Marriage
27 Oct 2010

Pope Calls on Couples to Show the Beauty of Marriage

A few days before traveling to Santiago de Compostela, Benedict XVI talked about one pilgrim in particular who also made this trip, St. Bridget, co-patron of Europe. She was married and had eight children. She and her husband lived with the spirit of the secular Franciscan, dedicating their lives to help the poor. Using the example of this saint, the Pope had some words for mothers and Christian couples. more
Change in Papal Coat of Arms
12 Oct 2010

Change in Papal Coat of Arms

The return of the papal tiara triple crown! Are the changes definitive, or just one version of the papal coat of arms? more
Pope Speaks About Women Theologians
09 Sep 2010

Pope Speaks About Women Theologians

The remarks came in the context of Pope Benedict’s reflections on St. Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century German mystic and a Benedictine abbess. Among other things, the pope noted that Hildegard demanded that the priests of her day live “a life consistent with their vocation,” in response to perceptions of widespread corruption and immorality in the clerical ranks. At the same time, Benedict added, Hildegard was opposed to the Cathars, a quasi-Gnostic medieval reform movement seeking a more “pure” church. more