Latin Mass

07 Mar 2011

F*Ree eBook: “What You Should Know about Attending the Latin Mass”

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What You Should Know about Attending the Traditional Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form).

From Barbara Schoenberger, Editor of the Una Voce Arkansas Ozarks Regional Newsletter: “The goal of this publication is to get newcomers acclimated to the TLM quickly and comfortably.”


  • 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Mass
  • 7 Common Questions about the Traditional Latin Mass
  • Links and Resources
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Official Summorum Pontificum study
11 Aug 2010

Official Summorum Pontificum study

The Italian news service Androkronos has just put out a report that Archbishop Raymond Burke has said that at the older form of the Roman Rite, it is not permitted to have altar girls (or women) serve at the altar, nor to have lay people distribute Holy Communion. The brief report claims that he said this in an introduction to a Study that reviews the application of Summorum Pontificum as requested by the Holy Father for three years after its introduction. The report says that the Study has just been released in Germany. more
09 Aug 2010

Priests: How to Quickly Convert Your Altar for the TLM (15 Minutes)

HT to my new friend Tantum Ergo at the Blog For Dallas Area Catholics. This 5-minute video shows an altar being switched from Free Standing Table to an Altar for the Traditional Latin Mass in approximately 15 minutes. Betcha it cost a few hundred dollars in equipment, too. Okay, not counting the candles. ASTOUNDING! more