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Move With Me!

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Move with Me!

Beating Breast Cancer. Surviving a heart attack. A death in the family.


I’m happy 2016 is over, and it’s time to move on!

It’s so exciting to be back at work, and I’m moving to a more “detailed” way of keeping in touch with you! (Goodbye, MailChimp.)

Move with me!

I want to send you the emails you want, so you get to pick and choose as many of the below ideas that you’d like!


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That’s all for now! See you in one of the three choices above!


Book of the Month: “The Lost Art of Dress”

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Book of the Month!

Book of the Month: The Lost Art of Dress

January’s Book of the Month!

This month we’re reading, The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish!

Get a copy and join us on the Facebook Group  OR comment below!

Why did Americans dress so well, and why don’t they anymore?

Some reviews:

Columbus Dispatch
“A witty look at well-dressed women …”

Threads Magazine
“If you’re interested in the history of fashion in America, or have just always wondered why Americans don’t dress well anymore—and what that means—read The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish…. The Lost Art of Dress is an engaging and fascinating history of the evolution of fashion and America’s approach to clothing itself

Karen Karbo, author of The Gospel According to Coco Chanel
“Linda Przybyszewski’s remarkable, enchanting, well-researched history of America at its most stylish reminds us that once upon a time we were classy and fabulous. After readingThe Lost Art of Dress, you’ll think twice before running to the store in sweat pants.”

Lois Banner, Professor Emerita, Dept. of History and Gender Studies Program, University of Southern California, author of Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox
“Linda Przybyszewski takes her readers on an imaginative journey through a largely forgotten universe of women writers in the twentieth century who wrote about the art of dressing well. The book is sprightly and well-written, and it suggests new directions for research in the history of fashion and of women. Przybyszewski offers useful critiques of the restrictive clothing of the nineteenth century, the sloppy clothing of the 1960s, the periodic infantilizing of women through dress design, and the increasing commoditization of products and pleasures. She mourns the loss of the elegance of the 1930s, when women looked both liberated and chic.”

Here are the first two questions we’ve started to discuss:

Q1. Have you ever kept track of how many times you wore something and realized either that it was a great bargain or a terrible waste of money?

Q2. Did you take a Home Economics course in school? What did you learn? Do you think it helped you? What do you wish you HAD learned?

10 Lipstick Hacks for The Perfect Pout

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The folks at Gloss compiled these ten ‘hacks’, DIYs, and tutorials from Pinterest. Visit their website to view all the pics, and I’ve linked them below.

What “new” did you learn?

1. 3D lips. (Do you have any frosted powder? SIMPLE trick!)

2. How to have long-lasting lip color.

3. Easy to master lipliner techniques.

4. How to make sure your lipstick doesn’t feather and bleed. (I didn’t know such a product existed!)

5. The trick to bringing a nude lip to life!

6. The DIY matte lip.

7. Lipstick corrections for various lip shapes and types.

8. How to smooth out your lips — with a mascara brush?

9. The “gradient” lip.

10. And finally, these lipstick “commandments” from

lipstick advice infographic


Photoshopping Women

Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models

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Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models

If you could photoshop yourself, would you?

Statistics show that 80% of women say that the images of other women on television and in movies, fashion magazines, and advertising makes them feel insecure.

But how can we compare ourselves to a digital creation? Why do we hold ourselves up to a standard that’s not really attainable?

Instead, let’s appreciate who we are on the inside and aspire to be our best selves — healthy, happy, and joyful!

These four women agreed to participate in a Photoshop experiment. Do their reactions to the results surprise you?

Life is Rozie

Body Image: What Men Say a Beautiful Woman Is

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Life is RozieBody Image: What Men Say a Beautiful Woman Is…

Men say a beautiful woman is: “someone who takes care of herself and embraces her own unique beauty” and that “they never noticed any physical ‘flaws’ in the women they had been interested in –UNLESS the woman herself made him aware of something she didn’t like about her body by constantly complaining about it.”

From the article:

…Men not only are not as critical and picky in terms of physical appearance as we think they are, but that they do not notice or care about half the things we stress or beat ourselves up about. IN FACT: Most of them could hardly tell the difference between girls who were a size 10 and a size 4 – except to say whether they looked healthy or not.

I asked them if they had ever wanted to change something physical about a girlfriend/wife/love interest’s appearance. They all answered ‘no’.

Almost all of them commented under this question that they had never noticed any physical ‘flaws’ in the women they had been interested in –UNLESS the woman herself made him aware of something she didn’t like about her body by constantly complaining about it.

Finally, I asked each of them to ‘describe a beautiful woman’ and ‘describe the kind of woman you would want to marry’. Surprisingly enough, for each of these open questions, the answers among most of the men were the same:

Almost all of them stated that a beautiful woman is “someone who takes care of herself and embraces her own unique beauty.”

Shaping Your Eyebrows for Your Face Shape

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Shaping your eyebrows for your face shapeeyebrow shapes for your face shape

Did you know that the shape of your eyebrows will change how your face looks? Some eyebrow shapes are more flattering than others!

First, you may want to take a look at the eyebrow makeovers to see how much of a difference eyebrow shape can make to your overall look.

This website will take you step by step through the process .

First, you’ll determine your face shape. Then follow the detailed directions on how to either recreate your brow shape or if you’d rather keep your basic shape.

If you already know your face shape, follow the links below for eyebrow directions!

Oval Face Shape

Round Face Shape

Long Face Shape

Square Face Shape

Heart Face Shape

Diamond Face Shape



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