Building a Capsule Wardrobe, Part 3: Style Personality

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Style Academy How To Build a Capsule Wardrobe Part 3 Colleen Hammond

Building a Capsule Wardrobe, Part 3:
Style Personality

In this series, I’m teaching you how to build your ideal Capsule Wardrobe with only 22 pieces that will mix and match to make hundreds of outfits.

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Style Personality

You may still be working on your Closet Analysis and KATDOM, so please don’t panic! That may take weeks — or even months. Take your time! You don’t want to make any of the 10 Fashion and Style Mistakes! This entire process will take a while to complete. But in the end, you’ll be so happy you did!

Today, we’ll chat about your Clothing, Dressing, & Style Personality. (And if you’d like to watch the video of this, click here.)

So what is your Style Personality?

It’s the story that your clothing tells about who you are. The message it sends. The impression people get of you within the first 7-seconds of seeing you.

As we’ve discussed before, people will perceive you differently based on the clothing you’re wearing. After reading this post, go look at your friend’s pictures on their Pinterest page. Can you see a theme? A mood? A style? What impression do you get about them just based on what pics they post? 

Now, go look at your pics on Pinterest. Or flip through your closet. Can you see a theme, mood, and style?

Keep in mind that you’ll select different clothing styles, moods, and personalities for work, for home, and for your social life. It’s important to understand that your clothing will be a combination of a few Style Personalities — and that’s normal.

7 Style Personality Types

So let’s look at these seven personality types. I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself in a number of them.

Classic Style Personality


First, a Classic personality which prefers a smart, neat and tidy look. Classics like to play it safe. They don’t necessarily follow fashion. They like to keep things simple and structured. They enjoy, and invest in, high quality items. The Classic look will be symmetrical with even hems — nothing edged, fringed, or scalloped.

A more relaxed or sporty style will opt for simple lines and low maintenance clothing. Personal comfort is of prime importance. Little, if any, makeup. Or very natural makeup. Very easy, relaxed dressing. Minimum fuss is their signature style.

Dramatic Style Personality


Intense, bold, and dynamic identify the Dramatic style. They love to make an entrance and wear clothes with a “wow” factor. They don’t mind suffering for fashion. They love bright colors. Bold patterns. They love leopard print, which, as we have discussed before, is a neutral.

And where a Dramatic is about “look at me”, the creative, Avant-garde style is more about being one of a kind, unique, or quirky. Think artsy. Or Bohemian. A Lolita look, for example. They will look for interesting items in unusual shops or markets and pull together their own unique look.

The edgy or rebellious dresser doesn’t want to be boxed in, they don’t want to be like everyone else. They’re unconventional, left-of center, a rebellious Rocker chic. Anything with studs, or torn or has zippers, even the shock of wearing something with a stark personality contrast.

Romantic Style Personality


In direct contrast to that is the Romantics, who love pretty, soft, feminine things. They adore luxurious fabrics. And although they may love the details like bows, ruffles, fringes, they’re more about the gentle, curved line. Things that exude a soft, warm, nurturing, and friendly feel.

And finally, the Sophisticated Chic style is planned, organized, and very fashion forward. Like a Classic style, the Sophisticated is never fussy or frilly, but where the Classic style does NOT follow the fashions, Sophisticated Chic is all about fashion. They choose smooth, elegant, and sleek styles that aren’t afraid to say, “I am a woman”. Think along the lines of the Duchess of Cambridge, for example.


So there are the 7 Style Personality types. Did you recognize yourself in at least three of them?

Your homework is to choose your own 5 or 6 words that represent who you are as a person. The kind of traits you’d like others to pick up on when they see you. The story that you want to come out of the clothing you wear.Examples of words to define the various style personalities

The pic shows some examples of words, but I want you to select your own words that resonate with you as a person and how you want others to perceive you.  A list that expresses your authentic and best self, or who you are striving to be. This is a list that we’re going to be using later — for example, when you go shopping for something to add to your Capsule Wardrobe. Or if you’re shopping for a special event, or even when you’re putting together your outfit for the day.

Now you can go look at your Pinterest page and flip through your closet! Look for, and write down, the different Style Personalities that you are attracted to, and that you see in your own closet.

In Part 4 we’ll discuss the secret formula to determine your REAL body type, and why those online calculators leave you frustrated.

And make sure you know the Top 10 Fashion & Style Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)!!!!!

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