My Story

I’m on a mission – a mission to empower women so that they can achieve their personal best!

For over three decades as I worked as a fashion model and television personality, I noticed something different about the successful women with whom I worked. Those who felt good about themselves – really good – tended to rise faster on the corporate ladder and earn more. These women weren’t necessarily more beautiful or smarter than others, but they did share one thing in common: confidence.

When women felt confident, they practically glowed with success. That confidence often began with how they were dressed. Improving their personal appearance helped them feel better about themselves, which boosted their confidence and helped them project an air of authority and success to others. And once that happened, the sky’s the limit. Many achieved far greater success than they though they could.

It’s this thought which drives my mission to empower women with knowledge to help them look and feel their best. I had to learn this information too. Even though I began modeling at age 14, and entered beauty pageants at age 17, I had personal stylists who created my “look.” I just went along with it. Even after I won the Miss Michigan pageant, I still wasn’t sure how to put my own signature style together.

It wasn’t until I worked at the Weather Channel and began asking the stylists questions that it all began to make sense to me. Years of study and practice later, I can tell you one thing for sure: when you look polished and professional, others take your more seriously, and both your confidence and earning potential soar.

It took me decades to learn what I share with you in my programs. In these programs, you’ll learn how to dress for your body type. You’ll discover colors that flatter your hair, eye color and skin color. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to shop with confidence and build a smart, chic wardrobe that suits your lifestyle. I’ve shortened the learning curve for you so that you can benefit from my three decades of studying fashion and image impact in a fraction of the time it took me to gain this knowledge.

My deepest desire is that this information empowers and inspires you so that you too can take on the world, however you define your world, with poise, confidence and style.

Here’s to YOUR success!

Colleen Hammond with Ronald Reagan