5 Steps to a Perfect Morning Routine!

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The Perfect Morning

How you start your morning will impact the rest of your day — either positively or negatively!

On this morning’s Coffee with Colleen, I listed five tips to help launch your day in a positive manner, because each day ought to be your best!

  1. Positive self-talk
  2. Start day with Meditation.
    1. Mind: increases gray matter, willpower, concentration, cognitive function
    2. Body: Decreases pain, boost immune system, lowers blood pressure, ease inflammation, reduce heart risk
    3. Spirit: increases compassion, empathy, overall satisfaction, self-knowledge.
    4. Overall: reduces loneliness, cuts emotional reactivity, fosters a healthy body image, eases anxiety, and helps sleep.
  3. Exercise. Endorphins improve mood, energy, and health.
    1. Before there were washing machines, cars, and electricity we did it all by hand!
    2. Body was made to WORK
  4. Body language.
    1. Power Pose: 20 percent increase in testosterone 
    2. 25 percent decrease in the stress hormone cortisol.
  5. Music
    1. Stimulates more parts of the brain than ANYTHING
    2. Can relax OR motivate.
    3. NOT minor keys or syncopated which irritate the brain

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