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looking pear-fect dressing your pear shaped body type

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals!

Thanks for visiting! These deals have expired.

Capsule Wardrobe Program

In this course, I will teach you how to:capsule-wardrobe-program-logo-colleen-hammond

  • Pick and choose exactly what clothing items to invest in — do not waste money on impulse/emotional/frustration purchases ever again!
  • Know what to wear every day — do not be overwhelmed and stressed about what to wear
  • Walk out the door with confidence knowing that you are pulled together and unstoppable — not incomplete, stressed, unsure, scattered, etc… ?!?!?

Click here for more details. QUICKLY!

Normally $197 — save $100!


One-on-One Consultation

Never feel frumpy again! With a closet full of perfect clothing, it won’t matter what you wear. Every day, you’ll feel self-confident and empowered — knowing that you look your absolute best!one on one consultation colleen hammond

After you fill out a questionnaire and send in a few pictures, we’ll get on a Live video chat where we’ll walk you through the eBook that has been created specifically for you!

Price will increase to $797 next month, so this sale price will never be repeated!

Click here for more details!

Currently $500 — save $203!!!


“Looking PEAR-fect! Dressing Your Pear-Shaped Body!” Online Video Course!

Video course with over 20 instructional videos plus a detailed eBook.looking pear-fect dressing your pear shaped body type

Normally $97 — save $50!


“Looking PEAR-fect! Dressing Your Pear-Shaped Body!”

eBook onlyLooking Pear-fect eBook cover Colleen Hammond

Normally $27 — save $10!


The Four Temperaments

Know your Temperament — your strengths, weaknesses, and how to become the best you can be!

  • Find out how being a man or woman influences your Temperamentfour-temperaments-colleen-hammond
  • How your Sensory Style impacts your Temperament
  • How to determine your weaknesses — and what to do to make them strengths
  • How to identify other people’s Temperaments and know the one best thing to say to move them to action — and what not to say
  • What Temperament style you work best with — and how to enhance that relationship
  • What Temperament style irritates you the most — and why that is the exact person you need (plus how to love them!).

Normally $49 to hold your spot (non-refundable) and $397 for the 6-week class — save $249!



Basic Body Language Skills

Reading body language is like reading a sentence — you look at more than one thing to determine what’s going on. Crossing arms, for example, could mean someone is cold. Or that they have a large bosom that they’re concealing and are uncomfortable. Or that they’re blocking you.body-language-colleen-hammond

  • How to enter the room and know which one person to stand next to for a successful conversation
  • How to know exactly how someone feels about you by their handshake (and no, it has nothing to do with pressure!)
  • How to gain control of a relationship with your handshake
  • How to know when someone is lying to you
  • What one body part never lies
  • Much more!

Normally $97 — save $50!




Basic OBS: Look Professional on Periscope, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live!

Learn from a professional producer and director and on-camera professional, not a high-school YouTuber.

Normally $47 — save $20!obs-periscope-producer-youtube-facebook


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