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Better Than Beauty a Guide to Charm

Book Club: “Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm”

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Charm: Book of the Month Club

Last month, we read The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish.

This month, we’ll be discussing the book, Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm.

You can comment below, or join our Facebook Group where we’ll be discussing a new question every few days.

About the Book:Better Than Beauty a Guide to Charm

Chronicle Books resuscitates the long-lost art of charm with this classic compendium of hints, tips, and tricks guaranteed to boost anyone’s quotient. First published in 1938, this delightful handbook is overflowing with timeless advice to guide readers through a maze of social interactions with wit and grace. More than an etiquette or personal grooming book, Better than Beauty tackles complicated social situations with delicacy: How to be kind to atrocious people How to avoid the gossip mill How many drinks is too many drinks How to deflect unwanted advances from married men How much to tip And much, much more With good humor, authors Helen Valentine and Alice Thompson offer straightforward charm counsel, making it a cinch to win the admiration of friends, family, and suitors. Featuring original artwork, Better than Beauty proves that charm never, ever goes out of style.

Question #1: Every era has its own concept and definition. What do you think constitutes “charming” in today’s world?

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