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How Sizing Varies At Different Retailers

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How Sizing Varies At Different Retailers

Don’t go by the size number on the tag!

It’s no secret that retailers have been selling items that run big as smaller sizes to ‘flatter’ their customers. It’s called “vanity sizing”.

“The risk associated with buying the wrong size scares people away from purchasing clothing online,” Fitbay CEO Christian Wylonis explained. “Our data looked at what sizes our users were buying and what worked best for them. Our hope is that this analysis is helpful to navigate the space and choose the right size.”

What brands are guilty?

The chart below from FitBay shows the percent of men and women wearing size “small” who have to buy a size up or down.

Loft, Free People, and J. Crew run large. ModCloth and American Apparel run small.

Lesson? Size charts are not accurate and sizes vary greatly from brand to brand.



HT to reporter Chavie Lieber at Racked who partnered with Fitbay to create the chart below.


How Sizing Varies At Different Retailers

Color — “Mastering Your Body Type and Your Closet” Series

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From the original “Mastering Your Body Type and Your Closet” Series.

To dive deeper and learn it all, check out the Style Academy.

Mastering Your Body and Your Closet!

Focusing on COLOR today. Loosely based on “Color Me Beautiful,” by Carole Jackson, but adding all the new research that takes it from four Seasons to 12!

The 12 Types are drawn from many places, including “Color Revival 3rd Edition: Understanding Advanced Seasonal Color Analysis Theory”.

Some of the illustrations were found at Into Mind, and were used for educational purposes only. The entire series can be found starting here.

Body Type — “Mastering Your Body Type and Your Closet” Series

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From the original “Mastering Your Body Type and Your Closet” Series.

To dive deeper and learn it all, check out the Style Academy.

Determining your Body Type!

-Have you ever stood in front of a closet full of clothing and not had a thing to wear?

-Have you ever filled out one of those online “determine your body type” forms and gone away more confused than ever?

-Do you struggle with what looks best on your body? (Especially if you’ve gone from pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy and everything in between?)

In Part One of this 3-part video series, we’ll discuss the TOP TIPS AND TRICKS for dressing for your body type ***in a dignified manner!***

Book of the Month: “The Lost Art of Dress”

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Book of the Month!

Book of the Month: The Lost Art of Dress

January’s Book of the Month!

This month we’re reading, The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish!

Get a copy and join us on the Facebook Group  OR comment below!

Why did Americans dress so well, and why don’t they anymore?

Some reviews:

Columbus Dispatch
“A witty look at well-dressed women …”

Threads Magazine
“If you’re interested in the history of fashion in America, or have just always wondered why Americans don’t dress well anymore—and what that means—read The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish…. The Lost Art of Dress is an engaging and fascinating history of the evolution of fashion and America’s approach to clothing itself

Karen Karbo, author of The Gospel According to Coco Chanel
“Linda Przybyszewski’s remarkable, enchanting, well-researched history of America at its most stylish reminds us that once upon a time we were classy and fabulous. After readingThe Lost Art of Dress, you’ll think twice before running to the store in sweat pants.”

Lois Banner, Professor Emerita, Dept. of History and Gender Studies Program, University of Southern California, author of Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox
“Linda Przybyszewski takes her readers on an imaginative journey through a largely forgotten universe of women writers in the twentieth century who wrote about the art of dressing well. The book is sprightly and well-written, and it suggests new directions for research in the history of fashion and of women. Przybyszewski offers useful critiques of the restrictive clothing of the nineteenth century, the sloppy clothing of the 1960s, the periodic infantilizing of women through dress design, and the increasing commoditization of products and pleasures. She mourns the loss of the elegance of the 1930s, when women looked both liberated and chic.”

Here are the first two questions we’ve started to discuss:

Q1. Have you ever kept track of how many times you wore something and realized either that it was a great bargain or a terrible waste of money?

Q2. Did you take a Home Economics course in school? What did you learn? Do you think it helped you? What do you wish you HAD learned?

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday Capsule Wardrobe Week 3

Weekly Capsule Wardrobe: “Whatcha Wearing?” Wednesday, Week 6

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Capsule Wardrobe, Week 6!

A Capsule Wardrobe will save you time, money, and frustration.

Do you stand in front of your closet full of clothing and think, “I don’t have a THING to wear!”…?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe, start with this short video series to guide you.

And if you are familiar with Capsule Wardrobes but need help shaking out of a rut, try this Capsule Sudoku idea.

My clients have asked about learning how to do a Weekly Capsule Wardrobe — so here we go!

Here’s the key: If you’re a beginner, pick two neutral colors and one accent color.

(Advanced Fashionistas will pick two accent colors and one neutral!)

In Week 1, we started with beige as our neutral and blue & red as our accent colors.

In Week 2, we worked with two neutrals (grey & black) and one accent color (purple).

In Week 3, we worked with just two colors: Blue and Pink!

In Week 4, we worked with off-white, blue, and black!

In Week 5, we focused on more festive looks and colors: Red, Gold, and Black!

This week, we went casual — more of a sporty, relaxed mom or student style!



"Whatcha Wearin" Wednesday Week 6

WWW Day 1 Week 6

WWW DAY 2 Week 6

WWW Day 3 Week 6

WWW Day 4 Week 6

WWW DAY 5 Week 6

WWW Day 6 Week 6

WWW Day 7 Week 6


how to tie a necktie colleen hammond rmrs

How to Tie a Necktie — Tip Tuesday!

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How to Tie a Necktie

Are neckties a dying art? Why don’t men wear more neckties?

Could it be that they’re not sure how to tie them anymore?

Here are 18 very clear & succinct diagrams showing you how to tie various necktie knots for work & casual wear. Also – note that he gives the features of each.  How common is the tie knot, difficulty to tie, knot size, and knot shape.

From Antonio Centeno over at Real Men Real Style.

how to tie a necktie RMRS Antonio Centeno

Do You Have VIRTUE Goals?

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Do You Have Virtue Goals?

This Week: Setting Personal Goals!

Have you done any virtue goal setting for 2016?

“Coffee with Colleen” — a Monday Morning video series to help you grow in self-confidence, peace, and joy. No makeup. Haven’t done my hair. No script. Just me, my morning thoughts, and my first cup of coffee of the day!

Virtue Personal Assessment Goal Setting Wheel Circle Colleen Hammond


Have you done any virtue goal setting for 2016?

Many people set all sorts of weight loss & health goals. Financial goals. Relationship goals. Career and spiritual goals.

How are your personal goals coming along? Are they based on your core values and growing in virtue? Becoming a better person this year than you were last year?

This week’s chat focuses on one “piece of the pie”: Personal, virtue goals.

For a PDF copy of the Personal Assessment Goal Wheel, click here.



Through the Bible in a Year Resources:

Coming Home NetworkFor a FREE download of CHNetwork’s ever popular guide to reading the Bible and Catechism of the Catholic Church in a year, register or login and click “My Journey”. For a professionally printed, card-stock copy, head on over to their store.


My most commonly asked question: “Where did you get that coffee mug?” Here:

Second question I’m getting: “What’s the light on the floor?” It’s an electric oil warmer/essential oil diffuser:


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