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NFL Player Leaves Field for Farming

NFL Player Leaves Field for Farming

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NFL Player Leaves Field for Farming

Former NFL Player Jason Brown left a $37M contract with the St. Louis Rams for another “field”–to serve God as a farmer.

Jason learned to farm with…YouTube videos!

You can learn more about First Fruit Farms here. A bit from Jason himself:

 In April 2012, I decided to step out on faith and walk away from my career in the NFL.  God revealed to me that he had something greater in store for me and that my family should move back to my home state of North Carolina and start a farm.  This really caught us by surprise because we knew nothing about farming.  Yet, out of obedience, we started looking for available farmland.  This is when Tay and I made a covenant with God and told Him that whatever place He blessed us with, we would name it FirstFruits Farm and that his people would receive the FirstFruits of whatever is produced from the land. (Read more….)

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Table Manners: A Top Ten List

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Table Manners Aren’t Just About Making Your Mother Happy!!!

Whether care to acknowledge it or not, how we eat is an outward sign of our inner personality and character. By teaching table manners early and often, they’ll become second nature.

Has you family mastered these basic table manners?

Table Manners

“Don’t blow bubbles…”

Rule Number One

Before beginning your meal, store all electronic devices.

Rule Number Two

As soon as you sit down at the table, put your napkin in your lap – and don’t forget to use it during the meal if you need to blot your lips or wipe your fingers. After the meal, the napkin is to be loosely folded (soiled parts hidden and placed left of your plate.

Rule Number Three

Wait until everyone is served before picking up your cutler and beginning to eat.

Rule Number Four

Cut one bite of food at a time, sit up straight, and bring your food up to your mouth rather than lowering your head to the food, and never talk with food in your mouth.

Rule Number Five

If you need to rest your hand, prop your wrist on the edge of the table, or put it in your lap. No arms or elbows on the table.

Rule Number Six

Eat as quietly as possible. Avoid making noises of any kind, either with implements against the plate or teeth, or bodily noises such as slurping, lip-smacking, or burping.

Rule Number Seven

Ask for food to be passed to you. Salt and pepper are always passed together, and food is passed to the right.

Rule Number Eight

When you’re finished eating, place the knife and fork parallel to each other (tines up, knife blade in) with the handles on the right rim of the plate in the four o’clock position. (Six o’clock position in Europe.)

Rule Number Nine

No grooming at the table — this includes picking your teeth, blowing your nose, or fixing your hair and makeup.

Rule Number Ten

Always say, “Excuse me” when leaving the table. It isn’t necessary to tell where you’re going or what you’re doing.

In today’s seemingly casual world, people are paying more attention to the importance of etiquette so it is essential to master this valuable skill! Practice and encourage these simple manners daily to make them a habit so that you and your family will have table manners befitting royalty.

Read more of my guest Blog post for DYNAMIC WOMEN OF FAITH here!

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It’s All About That BASTE

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I love this song, and the parody is excellent too!

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I’m all about that baste bout that baste more butter
I’m all about that baste bout that baste more butter

On Thanksgiving day… I think its pretty true
us dads cant make it make it… like we’re supposed to do
the dining room room… we have no taste
we put all the wrong forks in all the wrong places
I see the magazines.. with all the recipes…
my daughter she could make it.. but me.. daddy please
so mommy hands me this and says you gotta sop….
till every inch of it is perfect
from the bottom to the top…
yeah momma just told me don’t worry about the pies…
she said I’d burn em and screw up everything I try
she said your stuffing is dry and your casserole’s made all wrong…
so take this baster and timer and go ahead and move along….

and so I’m all about that baste bout that baste more butter
I’m all about that baste bout that baste more butter
I’m all about that baste bout that baste more butter

I’m bringing butter back….
don’t try to wear those skinny britches nah…
cause I’m’a pour this all over that…
and I’m hear to tell you every inch of it is perfect from the bottom to the top….

Tim Hawkins: Atheist Mega-Churches (Worship Songs)

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Atheist Mega-churches: a New Religion?

atheist mega-churches

Tim Hawkins

Atheist mega-churches do exist!

I have some friends that are agnostic and some atheist. They like to sleep in on Sunday. So I am perplexed by these mega-churches that socialize based on a negative proof — what they don’t believe.

Why are groups of atheists popping up all over the country that get together on Sunday morning to sing, read inspirational material, engage in some quiet reflection, and then bond in fellowship afterwards? Aren’t there other ways to socialize?

I’m not going to try to figure it out, other than wonder if they’re looking for something unseen that binds them (us?) together. God bless them in their search for Truth.

For the deeper theology, I’ll turn to comedian Tim Hawkins. In this short bit, he sings some suggested atheist mega-church kids’ songs, based in part on “Jesus Loves the Little Children”, “Deep and Wide”, and “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know”.

Brand new from “That’s the Worst”, Tim’s new concert DVD available at


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How Much is a Smile Worth?

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Smile Worth 2,000 Bars of Chocolate, Scientists Say

Did you know that unborn babies will smile in the womb, and blind babies will smile in response to the human voice? Powerful Smile Worth!

This short 7-minute video reveals a smile is the “super power” of relationship success, how well someone will score in standardized testing, how inspiring someone will be to others, and even how long someone will live!

I also liked the “value” of a smile worth worked out in bars of chocolate. Dark, please.

Watch The Hidden Power of Smiling to learn how many times a day you must smile to take advantage of its “super powers”.

How many times have you smiled today?

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