April 2012

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03 Apr 2012

Video: Conception to Birth

Take a look at this beautiful video! (Graphic image warning! Please preview before sharing.)

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02 Apr 2012

MONDAY IN HOLY WEEK: What Christ Suffered from His Apostles

We will meditate on what Christ suffered from His apostles during His Passion; that is to say, first, from Judas who betrayed Him; Second, from St. Peter who denied Him; Third, from the other apostles who forsook Him. We will then make the resolution: first, to mistrust ourselves and to confide in God only; second, patiently to bear all the trials which may be inflicted on us by creatures, even by our best friends. Our spiritual nosegay shall be the complaint of Job applied to Our Savior: “My kinsmen have forsaken me.” (Job 19:14)

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