March 2012

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29 Mar 2012

What the Cross Will Teach Us–about God and about Ourselves

We will consider the cross as a sacred chair, whence Jesus teaches us: first, to know God; second, to know ourselves. We will then make the resolution: first, to maintain a great respect for God and His infinite perfections, and to testify it to Him by our profound devotion in prayer and at church; second, to have a horror for all kinds of sin, and to take to heart the salvation of our soul. Our spiritual nosegay shall be the words of St. Augustine: “Lord, may I know Thee, that I may love Thee; may I know myself, that I may hate myself. ” more
28 Mar 2012

How to get Strength from the Cross

We will consider today that we ought to love the cross, because we find in it: first, our strength; second, our glory. Our resolution shall be: first, to remember the cross in our seasons of weakness or discouragement, in order to revive our courage; second, no longer to have any care for the vain glory of the world, and to attach ourselves solely to the solid glory of the cross. Our spiritual nosegay shall be the words of St. Paul: “God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Gal. 6:14) more
27 Mar 2012

Why is the Cross the Salvation and Consolation of Christians?

We will meditate today upon how we ought to love the cross: first, because it is our salvation; second, because it is our consolation in the troubles of life. We will then make the resolution: first, to keep ourselves habitually in spirit at the foot of the cross during these holy days, and often to press our lips to it; second, to have recourse to the cross in all our trials. Our spiritual nosegay shall be the words of St Paul: “With Christ I am nailed to the cross.” (Gal. 2:19) more
26 Mar 2012

When will Simon Cowell Learn? Another Susan Boyle…

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26 Mar 2012

Meditation: The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Let us transport ourselves in spirit to the venerable oratory where Mary, at prayer, received the visit of the archangel Gabriel. To the enunciation of the heavenly will Mary replies by a humble compliance: “Be it done to me according to thy word,” Oh, how efficacious is this fiat! It is a word of submission and obedience, but it is more powerful than the word of command by which the world was created; for it gave being to the Creator Himself, and reconciled heaven with earth. Hardly had she uttered it than by the operation of the Holy Ghost the Eternal Word was incarnated in the womb of Mary, and Mary became the Mother of God. Let us prostrate ourselves in presence of these lofty mysteries; let us adore, let us admire, let us love. more