September 2011

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Happy Birthday Bilbo Baggins--and Happy Hobbit Day!
22 Sep 2011

Happy Birthday Bilbo Baggins–and Happy Hobbit Day!

He left the Shire when he was eleventy-one. :-) more
Wear a skirt to make a good impression
21 Sep 2011

Wear a skirt to make a good impression

Research has revealed women who wear skirts are viewed as more confident, higher-earning and more flexible than those opting for trousers. more
20 Sep 2011

How to Find and Maintain Peace and Holiness Daily

Essential tips for growing in peace and holiness each and every moment of the day. more
Battle of Vienna: September 11-12, 1683
17 Sep 2011

Why Can the Muslims Take Over Europe?

Whoa…is this what we’re in for?

Sermon found here on Audio Sancto. more