Meet Colleen

Colleen Hammond

Colleen Hammond is an international best-selling author, stylist, speaker, comedienne, and mother — all rolled into one!

A former On-Camera Meteorologist for The Weather Channel, model, actress, and Miss Michigan National Teen-Ager, she has decades of experience helping people craft their message with their image so they can get the job of their dreams, and the partner of their dreams.

Colleen delivers an enduring message filled with down-to-earth wisdom, inspiration, and humor.

"Thanks to Colleen, every time I open my closet I know everything in there will make me feel like a ``perfect 10`` when I put it on. "

− Carrie

"Now I know how to pick out the colors and styles that 'say' what I want other people to know about me!"

− Suzanne

"I no longer waste money on things that won't work for me -- and I now know how to find the things that WILL work for me! "

− Kay

"FINALLY! I walk confidently into a store to find clothing and don't have to ask the employees for help anymore. Now, I know a lot more than them!"

− Alison

"Colleen has an excellent presentation style -- warm, vibrant, and engaging!"

− Jeanne
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